Friday, December 22, 2006

Home for Christmas

Three years ago today I left Qatar on a flight home from Iraq for 2 weeks leave. I had not seen my wife and three children since Feb 3 of that year, the longest that I had been separated from any of them. The time spent at home was great but I found that a part of my mind was still back in Iraq.

Three years later I find that a piece of me still remains behind in that tortured country. Maybe, as the years continue to go by, that piece left behind will become smaller. There is a special feeling, unspoken, that comes form living in and sharing danger. A part of what I left behind comes from that special feeling that I had when I was there.

Overseas, right now, there are service men and women living their lives in harm's way. Safe at home and surrounded by the warmth of my family, I cannot help but think of them. During this holiday season keep these men and women in your thoughts and prayers. I can't help but believe that this special feeling that I felt and that they are feeling now comes from the thoughts and prayers of all of us back here in the United States of America.

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