Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Situation Report from Mississippi for 9/7/5

Human Services Report #4

1900 9/7/05

Current Situation

• ESF 15 representatives did a Volunteer and donations assessment in Hancock and Harrison Counties. They are relaying these assessments to the State ESF 15 in Jackson, MS.

• Verified shelter locations and cot requirements in Harrison Counties. Ordered cots on hand to be dispatched tomorrow.

• Conducted assessment of Pearl River County and Purlington in Hancock County. Pearl River is doing better but the conditions in Purlington were very bad. All homes destroyed and inhabitants living in muck from storm surge. Delivered 500 cots within 2 hours of report and ordered numerous additional resources for tomorrow.

Unmet needs:
 Desperately need tarps. Many people living in damaged or destroyed homes or without shelter at all. A heavy rain storm will be disastrous without some attempt at cover.

Future Operations

• Continue ESF 15 assessments.

• Continue to add resources to shelters to improve living conditions of the victims.

• Identify additional locations to deliver USDA commodities.

• Receive and deploy additional Human Services personnel in support of the Counties.

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