Friday, September 10, 2010

Situation Report for Mississippi for 9/10/05

Human Services Report #7

1900 9/10/05

Current Situation

• The situation is Southern Mississippi continues to improve as the arrival of electricity and more FEMA Blue shirts has had a noticeable affect on the morale of the citizenry.

• The Red Cross reports that there are still 1,641 victims in 20 shelters in the six southern counties of Miss. The ARC reported serving 31,000 meals in the area.

• Discovered and assisted, along with ESF 8, a small Vietnamese community in Jackson County that, for cultural reasons, was hesitant to come forward and seek assistance.

• Facilitated arrival of 17 trucks from New York to new donation warehouse at Stennis Airport.

• Increasing reports of widespread abandoned/lost animals. An animal control team from Hillsborough County arrived in Hancock County after working in Jackson and Harrison Counties.

• Reports of food shortages by ARC and TSA kitchens.

• Beginning the process of demobilization of human resources from Florida

Unmet needs

• USDA commodities are not arriving as rapidly as needed.

• There is no ESF-17 representative and there are significant animal issues, including rodents, which must be dealt with.

• The scarcity of trucks is affecting the ability to move critical resources into the area.

Future Operations

• Continue assistance to small community of Pearlington in Hancock.

• Continue assessment of small coastal communities

• Deploy USDA commodities to kitchens as they arrive

• Improve quality of life in the shelters

• Prepare for and implement demobilization of Florida human resources

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