Saturday, September 11, 2010

Situation Report for Mississippi for 9/11/05

Human Services Report #9

1900 9/12/05

Current Situation

• The Human Services Branch inspected every shelter in the affected area to insure that every victim was sleeping on a cot, had a blanket and was receiving hot meals.

• An eyeball inspection of Harrison and Hancock counties in the last two days reveals an abundant supply of water and ready to eat meals. The Counties are asking for additional MRE’s but are being urged to redistribute within the county. The ARC and TSA are being instructed to distribute the MRE’s in their warehouses.

• The Salvation Army has 6 kitchens and 25 canteens in the coastal counties. Reports from the field are that they have been performing well. The ARC is not doing a good job of supplying the shelters and kitchens in the area. This is not from a lack of will or effort. More effective and trained leadership on the ground is needed to channel the tremendous efforts of the volunteers

Unmet needs

• None

Future Operations

• Continue assistance to small community of Pearlington in Hancock.

• Work with ARC to assist in achieving better support to kitchens and shelters.

• Deploy USDA commodities to kitchens as they arrive.

• Prepare to end response and transition to Recovery.

• Prepare for and implement demobilization of Florida human resources by Friday, September 16.

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